How the service works

Our medical advisory and support service (M*A*S*S) operates on a weekly basis. There is no limit for engaging the service on a weekly basis after the first week, or again at any time thereafter, if you ever wish to continue. There is also no obligation to continue with our service beyond the first week.

We appreciate that in urgent cases our immediate input may be appropriate.

What you need to do and what we will do:

You can contact us by email: 

Please put M*A*S*S in the Subject line of your email.

We may email you a simple consent form to sign. You must sign and return this form to us by email and/or by post.

You can then correspond with us in an unlimited way, including sending any personal medical information, laboratory test, radiology results and any other medical reports of any kind.

We will always communicate with you promptly via email, telephone, or video conferencing.

Fees and Terms of Service:

All fees are payable in full in advance, by credit card or by direct bank transfer (we will provide you with bank account details).

  • For new clients only, an Initial Full Case Review that has no time limit while you obtain and provide us with your medical information, and including our additional input for one week afterwards on the terms of our Weekly Base Rate: USD$1650-$2650 depending on the case.
  • Time allocated by us to review any new medical information, such as all laboratory, radiology, sonography and endoscopy results that you forward to us after the Initial Full Case Review, by email, cloud share link, fax or post is not charged.
  • For new and ongoing clients, the Weekly Base Rate for each week if our service is ongoing: USD$650. During all weeks that our service is engaged, the Weekly Base Rate fee includes our availability for one direct contact-consulting hour by phone, video call, or email, in any combination as appropriate, necessary, or requested by you.

If our service is engaged over an extended time, a Weekly Base Rate fee is only charged if our input is given in any one week. If we do not provide any input during any one week, there are no fees charged for that week.

  • If we are requested or required in any week to provide our direct contact input that is additional to the one contact-consulting hour allocated within the Weekly Base Rate fee, then additional fees are charged in minimum blocks of two hours at a Two-Hourly Block Rate of US$275 per block.
  • Any therapeutic or dietary supplements that might be supplied to you as an outcome of discussions—only with your prior, full informed agreement including costs involved—will be charged at standard retail prices, separately and in addition to all other fees mentioned above.
  • If we recommend specific electromedical equipment for your medical issue, we will direct you to where you can independently purchase that equipment as we do not supply this equipment to you. Thereafter, we will provide you with full coaching and support for your individualized, correct and optimal application and operation of the equipment for as long as necessary.

There is a 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments on all fees.