Who we are

JJW-RM-scaled2Richard Malter is the main channel for cases within Australia in close consultation with Dr James Woessner.

James Woessner MD PhD


Past Memberships:
Clinical Electromedical Research Academy (Fellow and Board Certified Diplomate).
American Academy of Pain Management (Member & Speaker).
American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (Certified Member).
American Board in Forensic Medicine (Board Certified Diplomate).
Institute of Functional Medicine.
American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (Member).
International Association for the Study of Pain (Member).

Electromedical Clinical Expertise:
Electrodiagnostics and treatments (pioneered several electromedical techniques).

Training specializations:
Internal Medicine.

Richard Malter 

Clinical and Research Director, Electromedicine & Research Lab, Melbourne, Australia.

Senior Research Scientist (honorary), Research Institute of Global Physiology, Behavior & Treatment (USA).

Electromedical Clinical Expertise:
Bacterial and viral infection treatments via low intensity direct current silver iontophoresis—inventor and developer of world-first patent pending equipment.
Inventor and developer of world’s first patent-pending wound healing device employing real-time measurement and self-adaptive supplementation of controlling wound healing bioelectrics.
Co-inventor of world-first dedicated Cyclic-AMP cellular second messenger electro-stimulator.
Co-inventor of world-first low voltage trans-cranial AC electrical stimulation (CES) electro-stimulator.
Conducted radiographically (CAT scan) confirmed successful electromedical treatment reversal (disappearance) of chronic internal organ scar tissue.
Co-reported radiographically, endoscopically and visual examination confirmed reversals and complete disappearances of solid malignancies without any conventional treatment (no surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy)—some of which are international peer-reviewed published case studies.

Bioelectromagnetics Society
Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Training specializations:
New York Boards of Medicine & Dentistry accredited Continuing Medical Education—International College of Acupuncture and Electro-therapeutics (USA).