Medical Experiences

JJW-RM-scaled2We are uniquely prepared to help with (but not limited to) the following conditions:



Infections: viral, bacterial and other microbial origin

We have unique, clinically demonstrated, both supplement-based and electromedical expertise and experience for the successful treatment of many kinds of infection, often combined for best effect. We are also the inventors of unique world-first electromedical equipment for effective, non-invasive infection treatments without any drug side-effects.


We can provide accurate information based on scientific publications and our extensive first-hand clinical experience to help you make your own informed decisions and manage your situation.

Are the chemotherapy and  radiotherapy side effects worth it with their very limited or no benefit, and their recognized massive and long term damage?  What about your Quality of Life—are the very negative impacts of these conventional cancer treatments tolerable or acceptable to you?

Are you looking for a ‘natural’ cure for your “cancer”? There are dozens of “cancer cures” claimed and written about, how do you assess and decide what to actually do?

Your cancer may be better off not conventionally treated.

True recovery, where the “cancer” tissue actually re-normalizes, with few or no side effects at all, is more possible than commonly thought.

The classifications of conventional oncology into different types of “cancer” have very little diagnostic meaning. Every “cancer” that ever exists is a unique physiological occurrence in an individual human being, and so not very accessible to the ‘population’ medicine of conventional oncology. Advanced cancer research is catching up on this complex reality.

Even with possible genetic propensities, the “cancer” still needs epigenetic triggers with or without those propensities, and there are plenty of such known chemical and electromagnetic genetically toxic things around.

It is highly probable that there is not just one “cause” of your “cancer”.  There are most likely multiple, simultaneous, interacting causes of your “cancer”, which therefore need multiple types of approaches to promote recovery.  We know this from our direct clinical experiences and successes.

We specialize in identifying the “causes” that we can identify that are, or that are probably, co-factors in the formation of the “cancer” (more technically, a ‘neoplastic process’). We have special diagnostic tools to review your radiology images. We then suggest appropriate measures to avoid or remove identified causes; and then we work with you, utilizing individualized inputs and interventions, towards re-establishing normal tissue ‘microenvironments’ in the locations of the “cancers”, so that the powerful healing power of your body can recover these affected tissues to normal.

Though we do not and cannot possibly promise outcomes, we do have a published, documented track record of normalizing and reversing “cancers” to the point where they have shrunk and disappeared, without any conventional “cancer” treatment—results that are confirmed by standard hospital radiology, endoscopy and visual examinations. These are very encouraging medical facts.

Wound Healing

We are the inventors of unique world-first electromedical equipment providing bioelectric electro-stimulation for wound healing and/or infected wound treatment.


Pain can be experienced by anyone. Pain is often the reason for going to the doctor. Conventional pain medicine usually focuses on covering up the pain rather than looking for the underlying cause(s).

Finding and understanding underlying causes is a strength of our approach, which we routinely apply to all basic disease processes.

What is frequently misunderstood, is that there are really only two types of pain: one is a gift that warns of danger of tissue damage, and the other is where the pain perception system itself is broken, i.e. not functioning properly. The former is “nociceptive” pain and the latter is “neuropathic” pain.

By way of illustration, if your pain is pure nociceptive pain, then we need to identify and correct things that are impacting and/or stimulating the free pain nerve endings in the affect tissues of the body, because this is what the pain there actually is. If you have neuropathic pain, we need to identify, normalize and/or correct all the things that are the reasons for the nerves not functioning correctly. Pain might start as a nociceptive situation and then later become neuropathic; in reality, these two situations are mixed together in complex and ever-changing ways.

After making a special review of all your medical information, we will describe in detail for you as an individual what you can do for yourself, what specifically to ask your physician, or ask your physician for, and what information to consider for making your treatment decisions, if appropriate at all.

We have also developed a new and advanced electromedical equipment to trigger and enhance the treatment of injured tissue anywhere in the body, and for the special treatment of pain.


If you are among those who have been “cured”, or at least effectively, or perhaps not effectively, treated for some medical problem, which has then left you (still) disabled in some way, you need “rehabilitation”. Usually, standard care for rehabilitation might be available, however, it is often very limited in scope and understanding.

In our experience, there is often much you can do for yourself, with some expert guidance. Our advice, inputs and ‘coaching’ are based on decades of education and relevant clinical experience. This guidance will also involve considering your lifestyle and environmental factors, many of which you might be unaware of as significant negative impacts and hindrances to further recovery.

Working together

One very important aspect of working with us, and us with you, is that it is a ‘give and take’ experience, akin to ‘negotiated care’ that suits you best, always aimed towards optimal results. You must realize that your specific situation is unique to you, not an internet search result, and that multiple aspects and co-factors in your condition and recovery are changing constantly to very varying degrees.

Modern communications technology allows us to work together in response to your unique condition, and facilitates our ability to refine and adapt what you are doing quickly, if and as appropriate.